Is there an age limit for Murder Trial Tonight Show Yes, over 14 years of age.
How does the seating system work?The seating section is split into three sections – A,B and C. A is VIP and is positioned stage side with a table for drinks. B is the first 3 rows. C is from row 4 back. When you enter the studios you will be escorted to your seating section by a Court Officer and then it is free seating, meaning you can choose where you sit in that section.
Can I sit with friends or family who purchased a ticket at different time?If you purchased the same ticket section, then you can sit together. You will need to enter the venue together to ensure you are sat together.
Is there alcohol served at the venue?Yes, there is a bar at the venue
Does a meal come with the ticket?We offer some meal packages with VIP. Please check the offer on the ticket system at point of sale. If it does not clearly advertise there is a meal included in the package, then this means there is not. 
Does the venue welcome people with disability needs?We very much welcome people with disabilities and all our venues have the required facilities. Please let us know in advance of your requirements and arrive at the venue early so that we can assist in your access to the venue.
Will there be public speaking at the show?The audience is not required to speak. The audience member will cast their verdict via a link. This link will be provided on arrival.
Can I bring in my own food?No hot food can be brought into the venue. Snacks are permitted. 
What times do the doors open for the show?Doors open 30 minutes before the showtime.
I have another question that is not listed here Email any further queries to